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BerkChurch uses SignUp Genius to help organize volunteers, make it easy for you to make scheduling decisions and to help us know who we can depend on to help.  It's easy!  Just click one of the links below and follow the instructions!  

Thanks for your service to your community and to your God!  

Registration for the Upcoming OWL Class

See our OWL page on our website for more information about the class, schedule, values, expectations and assumptions.

Thanksgiving Basket Ministry

Sign up here to PROVIDE a basket / contribute to one


if you NEED a basket for this Thanksgiving!

Please be sure to call the office to confirm

details and arrangements.  

After you have printed and filled out the giving card, please mail, email, or drop it off at BerkChurch so it can be combined with the giving of others to build the future. Thanks for your offering of time, talents, and treasure!

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