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* are seeking a spiritual community

* are more interested in the journey than the destination
* freely express questions and doubts
* love the Jesus message: “love God, neighbor, and self”
* take our faith seriously
* want to walk in community but don’t want to be told what

   steps we need to take
* already experience God but want to make an effort to be more

   intentional about our spiritual life
* participate in the life of the community through interactive services,

   volunteerism, and giving back, building relationships, supporting each other.

* are real people doing real work and practicing real love!


We are fellow travelers who

Meet Our Volunteer Leaders

Our Minister
Rev. Lizka Randall

Lizka has been a member of Berkeley Community Church since May 2013.  During this time, she has also been attending Iliff School of Theology and graduated in August 2015.  When BerkChurch became a volunteer-led community, Lizka took over the duties of a pastor by leading prayers, preaching and offering herself to our community as our spiritual leader. Lizka was ordained in October 2016.  Lizka's favorite Gospel is Luke and her favorite Non-Canocial Gospels are Mary and Thomas.  Her favorite parable is The Mustard Seed, Matthew 13:31. Lizka loves roses and dandelions, cats and elephants, and peas!

Our Administrator
Dave Claypool

A couple of decades ago someone asked Dave why he came to Berkeley Church.  He said, “It’s because they support you in your spiritual walk, but they don’t tell you what steps to take.  I’m still here, more interested in the questions than the answers, more interested in the journey than the destination." It won't take you long to realize that Dave is all about books.  His favorites are Stranger in a Strange Land (Heinlein),  The Island, (Gary Paulsen), Proposition 31 (Rimmer) and a few thousand others (no exaggeration there!). He also loves movies and has a large collection.  His favorites are Pleasantville, Bagdad Cafe, and Interstate 60. Music is another favorite.  You'll find him listening to Classical Jazz, Rock, Blues, and Country and Western. Dave loves Mexican food, cats and otters and fall, "When the heart breaks and mends." Two of Dave's favorite Quotes are "A rut is a grave with the ends kicked out;" "A spiritual practice is a well worn path that leads to new discoveries."

Our Choir Director
Linda Sturdevant

Linda has been a member practically her whole life!  She started coming to BerkChurch when she was in 2nd grade and never stopped!  She has been our Choir Director for over 30 years. Linda loves Vivaldi flute concertos, reading Stephen King thrillers and going to the Hawaiian Islands (ask her how many times she's been there!).  She loves the Fall because her mom loved it so much.  She loves purple and pekingese pooches! When it comes to music, Linda is our rock!  She brings out the best in all of us.

Our Pianist
Eric Hart

Eric has been our pianist for five years now and has been a great addition to BerkChurch. He is a talented composer, sight-reader, and improviser - and brings a critical energy to BerkChurch!

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