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Are you a BerkChurch Donor?  

If so, please use this secure online donation key to make a special donation to BerkChurch. You may use this to register for events, pay your monthly tithe, or as a special occasion donation to thank BerkChurch for the community ministry she provides.  

Are you a BFF?

Berkeley Fane Friends ("Fane" means church, by the way) are folks for whom the following statement holds truth:  “I do not consider myself part of the faith community of Berkeley Church, but I love their presence in the community, have benefitted from what they offer, and support their vision of the church as a place to gather the neighborhood, to create community, to  provide service and hospitality, and to invite people on the spiritual journey.”

At Berkeley Church, we believe that a church who serves only its own congregation and only spiritual needs is a church of the ‘50s.  And probably getting ready to close it's doors.  Our tradition calls upon us to make the faith our own in each generation  and we have done that by intentionally opening our doors to our neighborhood in order to build community and provide opportunities for relationship and connection.  If you have reaped the benefits of these offerings, events, and programs (see our Calendar and Partners page) through BerkChurch, you are a BFF!  
Please consider making a donation to insure this vision for the Berkeley / Regis neighborhood continues in this generation and beyond!
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