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BerkChurch Updates and News

4/27 Update: Bill's Memorial Service, Retro Dance,...

May 27, 2013

Fellow Travelers ~
As we have offered our blessing to our Regis friends this week and celebrated our eight year building partnership that ends next...

4/20 Update: New Members, Bill Sturdevant, REGIS

May 19, 2013

Fellow Travelers -
We journey into tomorrow not always knowing what the day will bring. 
Sometimes it brings snow...  and the children leap out of...

Holy Week Schedule and BerkChurch Update

March 24, 2013

Fellow Travelers on the Spiritual road ~

We are entering the "High Holy Days" of the Christian calendar - beginning the week with the triumphant en...

BerkChurch Lenten Update: Holy Week Details Inside

March 24, 2013

Greeting, friends and fellow travelers on the Lenten Journey ~

In this week of big news from our Catholic brothers and sisters, I share with you a...

BerkChurch Lenten Update #3

March 10, 2013


So the word from the skies is...

Although Sunday looks great in the afternoon, we are expecting it to be pretty messy on Sunday morning...

BerkChurch Update: Lent #2

March 23, 2013

Brothers and Sisters,
The themes of challenge and struggle pervade the Lenten path.  It is supposed to be that way.  Sorry...  But if you can be co...

BerkChurch Update: Lent #1

December 23, 2017

Blessed travelers on the Spiritual Journey,
Lent has begun and with it, the season of renewal and recharging.  Some people like to emphasize sacrif...

Weekly Update: Spring

May 10, 2013

People of hope ~

The Spring does come - sometimes slowly, sometimes arduously, sometimes in tentative, hesitant ways, sometimes with the roar of loud t...

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