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BerkChurch partners with sister UCC churches to march in PRIDE parade on Sunday, June 15

Finding our Group:

Our line up place is the Green section on the South side of 8th Avenue near Cheesman Park.  Look for the green balloons.  Tracy will check in for our group at 8AM, but everyone will need to be with our group and ready to go by 8:45 so please arrive between 8:15 and 8:30.  Tracy has blonde hair and will have a UCC banner, so look for her once you are at the Green section.  If you are talking to a PrideFest volunteer and need help with directions to find our group, make sure you give them the following information:

United Church of Christ, Rocky Mountain Conference (Green section, number 9)

Signs: We will have one big banner for the conference, but please invite your participants to bring individual posters/banners/signs with positive, inclusive messages and your church name on them.

Transportation:  There are no cars allowed in the park, they say it's hectic, and best to either take public transportation or park near the end of the parade (Civic Center park) and then walk back toward Cheesman park (which of course means leaving earlier to get there on time). 

Other info:
We are not allowed to pass out stickers, or throw things, but we can hand out things if we so choose.  No dogs are allowed as well.  It was also encouraged to not engage the hecklers which often appear around the Basilica on Colfax.

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