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Spring is here and the earlier we get planting, the earlier we feast!​  Come to the Hall on Saturday!

Join our resident organic farmer, Nita Philbrook, and other budding gardeners (no pun intended!) THIS SATURDAY  to get the seeds started for your summer gardens!  Nita will provide seeds, soil, instruction, and supplies.  You bring Seed Starter (you can get it at Home Depot) and a container or two for your baby seeds!  Egg cartons, yogurt containers, planting flats all work great.  Go through your recycling bin - there's lots to be reused.  

Bring yourself and your green thumb to the BerkChurch Hall on Saturday.  Before you know it, your garden will be bursting!  

There's a man in LA who calls himself the "Gansta Gardener."  He's encouraging youth and neighbors to plant gardens in abandoned lots in his community.  He says, "Planting gardens is like printing money."  Amen!  

Donations welcomed to support the Berkeley Friends Fund, bringing Community Events and Workshops like this to your neighborhood!

Seed Starting Workshop - Sat. April 6  from 2 pm - 4pm

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