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August 2-3

The Annual BerkChurch Community Rummage Sale!



This event has many purposes: helping neighbors clean out their closets, recycling, offering value to shoppers in need of household items, and making some money for the church.  Win, win, win, win.  

Who knew a rummage sale could be such an act of love?  See you there!


Donations may be dropped off at the church between 9am and 12noon Monday through Friday. Please call the church office, 303-433-5881, to be instructed which door to enter and where to leave your treasures.  If you schedule requires you to make other arrangements for drop off, please call the office and Dave will help you work out a time together.   Thank you for your donation to the BerkChurch Community Rummage Sale! 

I WANT TO SHOP at the Sale...

Friday: 9am- 5:30

Saturday 9am - ?


The sale will begin on Friday morning, August 2 at 9:00 am.  No early birds, please.  It will run until about 5:30pm on Friday.  Saturday, doors will open again at 9:00am and the sale will end when the traffic thins!  Church participants may shop on Sunday morning after the service as well!  


SIGNAGE: Next week, we need folks to volunteer to make and post signs in the neighborhood telling the date, time, and location of the sale.  

SORTERS: We need people to staff the sale:

Thursday from 10 - 7, come help with sorting, moving, and pricing the items.  

SELLERS: We need people to staff the actual sale by coming Friday and Saturday during the sale hours.  

Want to volunteer?  

Sign up here! 

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