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Sharing Space at BerkChurch

We understand stewardship to include wise use of space as well as effective use of ministry funds.  Our room use mission is grounded in values of respect, responsibility, and relationship.  We love to have organizations and groups with whom we have or can develop an ongoing relationship, who treat the community, our building, and our neighbors with great respect and those who feel a responsibility to the population they serve.  We typically prefer events that are open to the public over private parties and try to partner with groups who share our mission and values.  


Read on to take a look at some of our space and see if it might work for your next event. 




Dimensions:  38 x 46 (1767 square feet)


Seating:  96 at tables, 150 in chairs, 267 max


Stage:  38 x 16.5 (627 square feet)


Exclusive or shared monthly use:  Negotiable

Community Hall



Dimensions:  17 x 19 (323 square feet)


Seats:  15 - 20






Library Meeting Room


Dimensions:  13 x 31.5 (409 square feet)


Seats:  Depends on layout


Price:  $35 an hour / $150 per day


Exclusive use by the month:  Negotiable


Art / Dance Room


Meeting space and social space


Dimensions:  18 x 40 (555 square feet)


Seats:  15-20


Price:   $45 by the hour / $175 per day


Exclusive use by the month: negotiable




Pool Room

Dimensions:  17 x 34

     Amenities: bathroom, sink, nursery room - (15.5 x 17)


Seats:  25 children 


Price:  $40 by the hour / $145 per day


Shared use negotiable:  ($300 - $600)

Preschool / Children's Education Room
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