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BerkChurch has FOCAL points that help us live out the ministries we value:

Those five FOCAL points are: Feeding, Outreach, Children, Arts, and Love

Through an emphasis on these five areas, BerkChurch both builds up the wider community and provides opportunities for those who wish to serve and explore, participate and engage the walk of faith.  


Feeding the spirit and feeding the body are two ways we follow the Christ and serve humanity.  


Outreach is how we share our message


Children know God.  Our job is to help them understand and articulate the love they already experience and KNOW within them.  

Arts & Activism

With a developing community of artists in our midst, we have committed to supporting the arts through our building and our ministry.  


Everytime we serve another, we are showing love. Every time we feed each other, we are showing love.  Jesus' tells us that the Greatest Commandment is to love God, neighbor, and self.  When we do this, we transform the world and our hearts all at the same time.  

Come on the LOVE journey with BerkChurch!

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