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  1. Purchase an item for our commissary kitchen - Commercial Fridge or Freezer, 3 Compartment Sink, or Hood (total need: ~ $15,000)
  2. Research and purchase stage lights for the Hall - include dimmer switches and eight lights plus electrical.  ($5,000 - $10,000)
  3. Paint the exterior of the church - especially the high eaves and repair the rotten fascia.
  4. Go solar! Panels and systems installation
  5. Mow the lawn, donate / acquire a self-propelling lawn mower. 
  6. Find or donate a good quality piano for the Hall - pay to have the one in the sanctuary tuned and repaired. 
  7. Upgrade the playground with new equipment, replace the warping wood on the perimeter with TREX or some other edging.  
  8. Put a lift from the playground door landing into the pool room - or install a ramp to the downstairs.  
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