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Bike to  Church Day! 

           June 23

And Bike Drive for the

Bike Depot - 6/23-7/14

Ride your Bike to church for the 10 am service on June 23.  

To honor the day, to celebrate a reduced carbon footprint, and to support a great organization, we will begin our Bike Drive for the Bike Depot on Bike to Church Day.  Bring used, broken, discarded, unridden bikes to BerkChurch between June 23 and July 14.  Bikes collected will be donated to the Bike Depot.

The Bike Depot is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community bike shop that supports Denver communities with a wide range of bicycling programs, services and products. We have a full service Bike Shop offering new and used bikes and accessories, an affordable Service menu and a Fix Your Bike program where you can come to our shop and utilize our space and tools with the help of our Volunteer Mechanics.

Donated Bicycles are recycled to low income local residents through our Earn A Bike programs or refurbished and sold in our bicycle shop to support all of our community service programs.​

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